The below describes the general process of Proposals assessment. This serves as a guide and may deviate on a proposal-by-proposal basis.

Assessment and funding process
  1. The submitted proposals will be reviewed by a management officer of SFC Asia and checked per the funding criteria. Proposers are encouraged to provide additional documentation to support the proposal, such as existing financial models, business plans, and due diligence reports.
  2. On the first and third Mondays of every month, a summary log of the received proposals will be circulated to the Expert Panel. Within approximately 20-40 business days from the day of the receipt of the Proposal, the Funding Panel will either revert with further questions, comments or the decision to explore the potential provision of funding.
  3. We request for any questions from the Panel members to the Proposers to be addressed within seven business days of receiving the request.
  4. If one, some or all of the Funding Panel members indicate an interest to pursue the potential funding of a Proposal, the interested member(s) will form a funding syndicate (Proposal Funding Syndicate).
  5. The individual Funding Panel members within each Proposal Funding Syndicate will drive the potential transaction forward. The Proposal Funding Syndicate will aim to meet the Proposer, and carry out any due diligence required and approvals processes, prior to potentially making a funding offer.
  6. The Proposal Funding Syndicate may collectively decide to approach other financial institution(s) of its choice who is not part of SFC Asia (“Third Parties”), to co-fund the Proposal, with approval from the Proposer.
  7. Due diligence requirements will vary depending on the type of Proposal, and could include financial, legal, technical, market, environmental and social impact due diligence. When appointing such external due diligence advisors as necessary, the Funding Panel members, under best endeavours basis, will aim to make these appointments from the non-funding Expert Panel, provided this is acceptable to the Proposer and the Funding Panel members.

Comments, recommendations or questions made or raised in relation to any Proposal by any member of SFC Asia will not constitute advice, cannot be relied upon for any purpose whatsoever by any Proposer and will not give rise to any client relationship between an Expert Panel member and a Proposer.

All Funding Offers are to be made, subject to satisfactory Know Your Client (KYC) / Client Due Diligence (CDD) processes of the individual Funding Panel members of the Proposal Funding Syndicate, relevant respective internal approvals, and agreement on the final terms by the Proposer.

To facilitate the KYC / CDD processes undertaken, the Proposers are requested to provide materials requested within two weeks of the request by the Proposal Funding Syndicate.